"Phosphates & Complexes & Bears.... OH MY!"

15 Minutes to MAX

Each athlete must pick a different complex.

A) 3 Rep Back Squat

B) Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Jerk

C) Snatch Deadlift + Snatch + 2 OHS

D) Bear Complex (Clean + Thruster + Back Rack Thruster) 


START: Each team will have 1 35# barbell, 1 45# barbell, (one pair) of 5#, 10#, 15#, 25#, 35#, 45#, and 55# plates. Teams will load their own barbells and confirm weights with judge prior to each lift. ONLY ONE ATHLETE MAY ATTEMPT EACH MOVEMENT! Only one athlete may lift at a time. 


SCORING: Total weight moved.  


"Aerobic Annihilation"  





Bar Over Burpees

Each team will begin with an athlete at each station (teams chose who starts where).

START: Athletes will perform at their respective station for 4 minutes then switch to the following station for 4 minutes,continuing this pattern until each athlete has performed at each station.

EXAMPLE: Athlete 1 starts running 200m loops for max meters. At minute 4 athlete 1 finishes the loop they are on then starts the bike for max meters. At minute 8 athlete 1 begins bar over burpees for max reps. At minute 12 athlete 1 begins row for max meters. 

SCORING: Scoring will be total meters for the entire team. 1 Burpee = 20 meters



"Fire Hazard"

For Time: *

200m Partner Stretcher Carry 

50m Fire Truck Pull

START: Each team will begin at the starting line with one member in the stretcher. Teammates will carry Member 1 50m and then switch... repeat this until each member has been carried 50m. Then all 4 members will strap up and pull the Firetruck 50m to the finish line. * there will be a 7 min cap

SCORING: Total time followed by reps completed at the cap.